Dzine Steps provides a state of the art virtual visualization platform for surface and color selection in interior design. It helps our clients provide a digital immersive experience to their customers either in a design center or remotely through their website.

Our software helps our clients maintain a virtual gallery of their product catalog and showcase the products on appropriate surfaces within the photo of a room or outdoor elevation. Dzine Steps’ interactive platform increases the emotional engagement of the buyer and at the same time accelerates the surface finish selection process by eliminating guesswork and visually answers the question, "How will it look in my room?

We provide turnkey solutions and full customization to integrate with our customer’s design center and website style guides and incorporate within the existing design center workflow.

The virtual product gallery is also a digital database of all the products and styles that can be categorized by manufacturers, material etc and showcased remotely to the visitors of our clients’ website. We also provide a full suite of analytics solutions that tracks multiple usage statistics and help our customers keep an efficient inventory of floor plans and products.

Our clients report that our solution helps them improve their design center efficiency by three fold and attracts remote buyers through a virtual design center interface through their website. We provide state of the art cloud infrastructure behind our solution and in over three years of operation never had a downtime. Our software upgrades are completely seamless and does not disrupt ongoing operation. Using cutting edge image science and proprietary technology, we are able to provide a realistic visualization platform with better quality at a fraction of development and infrastructure cost compared to any existing graphics rendering solutions.

Let us know how we can help you create a winning experience for your customers using our cutting edge technology.