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Wow! Today is the 5th day after we launched DzineSteps. It was heartwarming to get all the positive responses. Many of you have commented about the ‘coolness’ of the website. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Please continue to send us your suggestions via the feedback tab on our website. Our mission is to make DzineSteps easy and fun to use for everyone. Please visit our Facebook page and “Like” us on Facebook.

Today let’s talk about sharing your creative ideas. We all share stories, pictures, news and gossip on social media. However sharing your design idea in a visual form is another thing. It is hard to put down in words how that paisley carpet in your bedroom looks in your imagination. This is why we started DzineSteps … to help you express your creative ideas in a picture and then share it with others.

First a personal story … many years ago my husband and I were building our first home. We wanted a ‘running bond’ pattern tile in our kitchen. We thought we were clear on what we wanted. The builder thought he was clear on what we wanted. The tile installer thought he was clear on what the builder wanted him to do. Needless to say, something got lost in communication. At the end, we did not get the specific tile pattern and it was too costly to redo everything. The idea lost in communication, was lost forever on our kitchen floor.

I am happy that now we have a solution where none of our design ideas need to get lost in communication. Using DzineSteps we can now tell the builder, the tile installer and our friends and family exactly how it will look down to the detail of the rotation on the tile layout pattern.

From the beginning we have stressed on developing the social media sharing and printing features of DzineSteps. You can share your Dzines via e-mail and Facebook (others platforms like Pinterest to come soon). You can collaborate with your designer, builder and painter and get comments on your Dzine by clicking the Collaborate Iconcollaborate icon in your Dzine Room. Then you can printout your final creation with before and after pictures and all the details of the products and patterns used in your virtual design. Now you can walk out of that flooring company or out of your builder’s design center with confidence, because, you know how it will look when it is installed.

So go ahead and do a virtual makeover of your room, e-mail to friends, post on Facebook and show off your creative side.

Happy Dzining!


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