Tile or carpet 2

Tile or Carpet?


“Wow! That’s a nice carpet! That may look good in my family room …”

My friend invited me over the other day to her home for coffee and also to check out her newly decorated living room. She changed the carpet, got a new sofa and loveseat set, added some new accessories and also painted the wall. Together it all looked awesome. But my attention was drawn to the carpet. It was a thick and plush pile in beige with a self-colored small diamond shaped pattern on it. I was immediately visualizing in my head how that carpet might look in my living room.

I am sure my experience at my friend’s house was not unique. We visit a friend, walk into a store or go to a hotel and spot a carpet, tile or hardwood that really catches our attention. The creative instincts kick in. Flashes of that floor covering in our own space runs through our mind.

But soon thereafter doubt sets in. The moments of creative inspiration withers away for the lack of visualization. ‘May be it will not look good in my room, may be it will be a costly mistake, may be that carpet does not need to be changed’ … the creative idea does not get a chance to blossom into a reality and we move on.

This is the reason we started DzineSteps. No creative inspiration needs to be lost or be a fleeting memory. We may still decide not to change that carpet but surely it should not be for the lack of visualization. All we have to do is take a picture of the floor covering that inspired our imagination, take another picture of the room where we want that floor covering installed and a few mouse clicks later, let DzineSteps stitch it together in a realistic way. Now your creative idea will live forever, at least in a picture form, even if you decide not to change that carpet after all.

So the results are in. I took a picture of my friend’s carpet and changed the flooring of the picture in DzineSteps home page. Then I was having a bit too much fun and changed the flooring to a hopscotch tile pattern with two tiles. Finally, I changed the wall paint to match with the floor covering. You can see the results here yourself and compare with the original picture on our homepage.

Tile or carpet 2






tile or carpet 1





Tile or carpet? Which looks better? You decide.

So go ahead and give your floor covering a new look and while at it, change that wall paint to match. Don’t forget to share your creation on Facebook.

Happy Dzining!


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